Our Silo was actually uprooted and transported to its current location from a farm in nearby Saratoga County and the two barns were raised shortly thereafter. Learn more about our rich history below!


The original 14-by-35-foot silo was used to house corn on a Gansevoort farm before a local man (and owner) Harry Troelstra repurposed it along with two local barns that had fallen into disrepair. Troelstra was involved in the reconstruction from beginning to end. A crane loaded the silo onto a flatbed trailer, and the two 19th century barns (one from Saratoga County, one from Washington County) were disassembled and cut to size. Soon, they would all be together in Queensbury for a new purpose. The silo was reconstructed with the two barns built up around it in 1982, and The Silo Country Store was born. At first, there was just a small area for breakfast and lunch, but as the popularity of its food grew, The Silo saw a series of changes to make room for more dining space, and the name officially became The Silo Restaurant and Country Store.